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Girl, what is a GLUE-LESS wig?

2021 has for sure been the year of the MELT when it comes to frontal wigs! Stylists rather professional or beginner have taken the wig game to the next level with the way install are becoming more realistic. One of the newest trends is glue-less closure wigs. If you're apart of the hair weave community than you have definitely came across it being promoted by top hair companies or worn by known influencers.


What's the hype behind the glue-less wigs?

The installing process is super simple. Basically after styling the wig it is able to be applied to the head without the usage of any type off enhancive glues along the hairline. This gives the wig-wearer the option to take off or put on the wig whenever desired with ease. Closure wigs are edge protection friendly since there is no harsh product being used on the hairline where the most breakage happens after so many installs with frontal wigs. Usually the lace dimensions for closure wigs range from 4x4 5x5 6x6 7x7, these being the most typically sizes. Most ladies believe that a glue-less wig isn't as secure as a frontal wig but I do assure you that closure wigs are secured on the head when the cap is the correct size. Which is why extremely important to know the measurements of your head before purchasing a wig this include frontals. For instructions on how to properly measure your head feel free to visit our F.A.Q page for a guide


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