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What's the deal with RAW Hair?

Updated: Oct 24, 2021

In todays hair industry there's tons of variety of hair types from textures to lengths to grade etc. Its best to educate yourself on what your personal preference is when dealing with hair. Nothing is worse than ordering a product expecting a certain quality but receiving the total opposite. With More Than Beauty Hair Line we encourage our beauties to do research on hair types and the different varieties available on the market. We are also here to provide information to you about all of our hair products with full details for your personal reference.


Generally Raw means the hair is 100% unprocessed (no chemicals added) being sold to consumers in its natural state after being removed from one donors heads. After hair is co-washed its then crafted in wefts creating bundles or its sold in bulks. Some Raw hair is steamed to create desire texture patterns such as body wave, deep wave and loose curl. Usually no harsh chemicals are used during the steaming process of Raw Hair. With using Raw hair it defiantly has its advantages, one of the most known being the usage time. If the hair is cared for properly it can last 3-5 years easy and still reserve its great quality throughout time. Raw Hair is considered to most as the best hair on the market. Most celebrity stylist and salons use raw hair for the best results for the clients. Another great benefit of unprocessed hair is the ability to dye is to any pure color like #613 for an example. The silkiness, natural shine and bouncing movement is what keeps the beauties coming back for our Raw Beauty Collection.

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